Learn more about SVS specialized surgical services and exam process

Consultation Process

Stauffer Veterinary Surgical Center is a referral-based practice. Dr. Stauffer works in tandem with general practice veterinarians to address the pet’s needs, providing the expertise in diagnosis and corrective procedures. After being referred, the pet and pet owner process begins with a consultation with Dr. Stauffer to assess the pet’s condition and discuss the treatment plan for the optimal outcome. He begins by listening to the pet owner, then physically examining the pet and reviewing the test results before discussing the treatment recommendation and prognosis.

Lameness Exams

The ability to diagnose the cause of lameness is essential as there are many causes.  A history and a complete physical exam will be performed, including observation and palpitation.  Radiographs may be taken to determine the best treatment plan.

Surgical Services Specialties

Stauffer Veterinary Surgical Center | X-Ray

Cranial Cruciate Rupture

Dr. Stauffer has performed over 3000 Tibial Plateau Leveling Osteotomies (TPLO) for cranial cruciate injuries in dogs and equally as many Extra-capsular repairs in smaller dogs.  He thoroughly explains the procedure and guides pet owners and their pet through the process.

Pictured: Lat TPLO / AP TPLO

Fracture Repair

Dr. Stauffer has vast experience in fracture repair in both dogs and cats.  He reviews radiographs with pet owners and discusses options, surgical plans, complications, and post-operative care.

Pictured: Lat Fracture / Lat Repair | AP Fracture / AP Repair

Other Orthopedic Services Offered

Femoral Head Ostectomy | Patella Luxation Repair

All surgery patients will stay in the center overnight for observation and care following surgery.  Overnight care is provided.


The consultation fee covers the initial exam of the pet. Dr. Stauffer will discuss and assist in the decision making process for the recommended services or procedures.  He will also provide a cost estimate before performing any treatments.

If surgery is recommended, a deposit is required.  When the pet is released, an itemized statement of services, fees, medications, and home instructions are provided.  All fees must be paid at time of discharge of the pet.

Payment methods: Cash, Check, Visa, Mastercard, Discover, American Express, Care Credit